Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers Qualification Submissions

The directory contains examples of succesful Licentiate, Associate and Fellow panels.

Members can gain meaningful qualifications and distrinctions through submission of work.

The images will be assessed by leading specialist photographers who have many years experience in their field.

Assessments are continuous throughout the year for Licentiate and Associate, while Fellow panels are considered at the Annual Convention


Steve Allen FSINWP Duncan Cauchi FSINWP Keith Ellul FSINWP Andy Howe FSINWP
Peter Jones FSINWP Tracey Lund FSINWP David Whitaker FSINWP Tim Wilde FSINWP
David Williams FSINWP


Kath Aggiss ASINWP Ann Aveyard ASINWP Haydn Bartlett ASINWP Ruben Buhagiar ASINWP
Scott Bourne ASINWP Henry Brenkley ASINWP Maggie Bullock ASINWP Gary Cantwell ASINWP
John Cumber ASINWP Lindsay Dobson ASINWP Sandy Gilmour ASINWP Clive Greenland ASINWP
David Harper ASINWP Richard Higgins ASINWP Phil Jones ASINWP Nick Lane ASINWP
Jim Kennedy ASINWP Chris Latham ASINWP Charles Lee ASINWP Joe Lenton ASINWP
Mark Lunn ASINWP Hardik Pandya ASINWP Roger Pendell ASINWP Kevin Pigney ASINWP
Tonio Polidano ASINWP Gary Spicer ASINWP Teddy Sugrue ASINWP Beverley Thain ASINWP
Kutub Uddin ASINWP Angela Wallace ASINWP Michelle Whitmore ASINWP Peter Woods ASINWP


Gary Armstrong LSINWP Barry Birdsall LSINWP Sue Blythe LSINWP Nick Bowman LSINWP
Brian Boyes LSINWP Henry Brenkley LSINWP Diana Buzoianu LSINWP Colin Coleman LSINWP
Mike Custer LSINWP Andy Davis LSINWP Steven Dawes LSINWP Kevin Doyle LSINWP
Lorraine Finney LSINWP Gary Davis LSINWP Stephen Gardiner LSINWP Alun Gee LSINWP
Mairi Grant LSINWP Paul Green LSINWP Andy Hale LSINWP Jim Harrison LSINWP
Clare Harte LSINWP Richard Higgins LSINWP Ryan Hutton LSINWP Peter Jones LSINWP
Phil Jones LSINWP Dalia Kasperaviciene LSINWP Tom Kelly LSINWP Nick Lane LSINWP
Chris Latham LSINWP Ray Liversidge LSINWP Andy Lovering LSINWP Alan Lyall LSINWP
Kevin Maxfield LSINWP Liam McBride LSINWP Steve McCarthy LSINWP Steve Miller LSINWP
Tony Mills LSINWP Karen Moran LSINWP John Myall LSINWP Stephen Oakes LSINWP
Kent Olsson LSINWP Emma Parker LSINWP Phil Peat LSINWP Phil Pound LSINWP
Malcolm Preece LSINWP Martin Smith LSINWP Paul Smith LSINWP Mr R Smith LSINWP
Mr Alan Stones LSINWP Graham Thurlow LSINWP Scott Tilley LSINWP Neil Tyers LSINWP
Mike Williams LSINWP Richard Witham LSINWP Cathy Withers-Clarke LSINWP David Woodbridge LSINWP


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